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Rules, By-laws and Membership

Rules & By-laws 

Current Rules


Revised Current World Team Selection Procedures Click Here to view the new World Team Selection Procedures. (as of January 2012). 

Current By-laws

NWSRA By-laws (as of March, 2014)

Archived Rules

2008 Rule Changes

2007 Rule Changes

2006 Rule Book

2005 Rule Book

2003 Rule Book

2002 Rule Book


Forms and Procedures

Membership Instructions

Membership Form

Boat Number Form

Driver Physical Form (from the DMV web site)

All participants must be an active member of USAWS 


Observer First Aid / CPR Listing 
(as of 6/3/16)

Driver Physical Listing
(as of 6/3/16)

For issues regarding boat numbers or driver physicals, please email bruston2@yahoo.com

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