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National Water Ski Racing Association

Long Beach Grand National (small boat Catalina) -- June 22nd
Congratulations to all teams for enduring the roughest in the 5 year history of the event. Special shout out to Todd Haig and Cheryl Ruston for winning the mens's and women's overall and to Sophia Rivera for breaking her own Jr. Girls class record.
*** Overall Results     *** Updated records and history on the "Past Performances"

Sundance Showdown - March 30 & 31, April 13 & 14, May 4 & 5 - Havasu Springs
*** March Marathon Results     *** March Sprint Results
*** April Marathon Results       *** April Sprint Results
*** May Marathon Results        *** May Sprint Results

Parker International - March 2 & 3
Congratulations to Todd Haig, Erica Leonard and Matthew Klee on their overall marathon wins. ***Marathon Results     ***Sprint Results

Parker Enduro -- October 27 (Saturday Only)
Congratulations to the winners: Matthew Klee (Men's Overall), Amy Threlfall (Women's Overall), Dave Chandler (Masters Main Marathon), John Kompaniez (Mini Overall), Jason Davison (Juniors), Mark Honsowetz (Masters Mini Marathon). Thank you to all participants and volunteers for making it a great event. **** Complete Results

US Open Nationals - September 29 & 30 - Havasu Springs
US Congratulations to all participants, officials and volunteers for making the 2018 US Open a great event.  **USAWS Press Release     **Complete Results