of the United States of America

June 22

LB Grand National / Small Boat Catalina

September 7 - 14

World Championships

Vichy, France

October 5 & 6

US Open Nationals

Havasu Springs

October 26

Parker Enduro

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National Water Ski Racing Association

2019 US World Team (alphabetically by division)

F1 Men - Todd Haig, Cameron King, Brian Samaniego

F2 Men - CJ Ferguson, John Kompaniez, Martie Wells, Dave Chandler (reserve)

F2 Women - Erica Leonard, Cheryl Ruston, Amy Threlfall, Julia Williams (reserve)

Jr. Boys - Jason Davison, Matthew Klee

Jr. Girls - Sophia Rivera

Sundance Showdown - March 30 & 31, April 13 & 14, May 4 & 5 - Havasu Springs

3 weekend series.  

*** March Marathon Results (corrected 4/5/19)     *** March Sprint Results

*** April Marathon Results       *** April Sprint Results

*** May Marathon Results         *** May Sprint Results


Updated 4/5/19

Point Standings

*** Main Marathon (corrected 4/5/19)     *** Mini Marathon (corrected 4/5/19)

Point scoring information and tips and can be found on the historical "Point Standings" page.

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NWSRA memberships and boat registrations can be paid at any time on the "Registration and Store" page. Membership fees are used for the day to day operations of NWSRA while the boat registration fee goes to off-site our 3rd party liability insurance policy for boats.